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eCliPSE UON helps you find your way directly to online programs and apps that have been proven in research studies to help people who are worried about their mental health symptoms, and alcohol/other drug use. All programs listed on eCliPSE UON have a strong body of research evidence behind them. You can be sure that these programs offer safe, reliable support for people wanting to improve their mental health or reduce their alcohol/other drug use.

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  • On iHelp:

    The motivation to quit smoking was what helped. It was a two pronged attack from iHeLP combined with what my GP was saying.

  • On DEAL:

    It's nice just knowing that people want this program to exist. That metal health issues are a problem in our society and that something needs to be done.

  • On eCliPSE UON:

    I use computers a lot. My psychs are not available 24/7 so an online self-help program like eCliPSE UON would be great for me. eCliPSE has done a bloody good job!

    Male consumer, 31 years
  • On DEAL:

    It made me consider things and why I felt that way, and how I could make them better.

  • On eCliPSE UON:

    These are excellent programs and would benefit all consumers and clinicians.

    Drug and Alcohol clinician, 41 years

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The eCliPSE UON portal is a hub for a number of eHealth packages which can help with low mood, anxiety, reducing your smoking, and use of alcohol or other substances. Click here to learn more about the packages and see which one is right for you.
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